Class of 2018 Senior Spokesmodel Application

I am really looking forward to the class of 2018 group of Senior Spokesmodels! 2017 was my first year of doing this, and we had so much fun! I already have so many ideas of how I can make this experience even better for the second year!

If you are reading this, know that I already think you are fabulous and I am so glad that you are just as excited about this as I am!

If you are chosen to be a Senior Spokesmodel, your job is just to be your amazing self during your portrait session, share about your experience with your friends, and post your photos on social media. My job is to create a wonderful and meaningful portrait experience for you! 

You will be the first to choose spring and summer session dates! You'll also get the chance to model throughout the year. And, you'll receive rewards for each of your friends that books with me! The chosen Senior Spokesmodels will be notified by email by March 18, 2017 at the latest.

are you interested in being a Senior Spokesmodel? Perfect! You'll find the initial investment information HERE.

Please browse through my work here on my website as well as Facebook and Instagram, and read this application thoroughly before applying to confirm that you’re a great fit! I can’t wait to work with amazing 2018 seniors!

Please make sure your parent/guardian has read through this information as well before submitting your application. I hope they are just as excited as you are! 

Please complete the form below:

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By clicking submit, I understand that if I am chosen as a KDP Senior Spokesmodel, I will be required to use KDP as my Senior Photographer and will contractually agree to not use any other photographers for the duration of the Senior Spokesmodel Program. I also understand that this application will be reviewed by Kevyn Cress and is not a guaranteed acceptance into the Senior Spokesmodel Program. *
By submitting this application, you confirm that you have thoroughly read the information above with your parent(s), whom have given you permission to be a KDP Senior Model if selected. *
I understand that, if chosen as a Senior Spokesmodel, I am required to pay for the price of a full senior session but will have the opportunity to earn rewards through referrals. *